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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 18, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> tonight the end of a reign of a powerful state regulator. a city hall rally to demand the firing of a san jose police officer. did he go too far? >> there is another storm on the way and what to expect, and when. >> restaurant owner getting the blame for destroying a neighborhood mural. did he do all he could to save it? >> tonight the fatal explosion of a pipeline comes back to haunt the head of the public utilities commission. he presided over a final meeting and there are many not sorry to
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see him go. good evening, i'm dan ashley. for many, the man running the show has become a public face of what is wrong with the system to regulate utilities now, he's out. michael peavy forced to retire after e mails surfaced suggesting a relationship that was far too cozy. >> michael peavy had many supporters p the industry. he served three governors and in recent years, he has been scarred by scandals outgoing state p.u.c president began the ceremony, former governor schwartzeneggar wrote a letter calling him a hero for environmental steward shich. >> when history books are
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written about california's leading role in facing one of the greatest challenges of our time, michael peavy will be remembered as a quiet hero that got it done. >> from the day i walked in, i said i wanted to be the greenest commissioner. and i hope i have achieved that. he was criticized for cozy ties and role in the scandals. they believe he created a culture allowing questionable relation was utilities. investigators believe lax oversight contributed blast. >> corruption and millions of dollars in fines and penalties is not shocking.
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it is unconscionable. >> hopefully the attorney general will see knit that light and file charges. >> hill has been a loud critic of the many trips afreewayed. in all, 206 days abroad to 13 countries, some, more than once a year before, abc7 news interviewed peavy about a trip to sweden. >> i'm going to sweden a number of times sponsored by the swedish government. these aren't junketts. >> senator hill says many trips were paidor by nonprofit groups funded that p.u.c
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regulates absent was any mention or response to his critics. >> now, stepping down is the executive director, he has been with the agency 30 years, past seven as a top staff member. and he, too, has been accused of being too cozy with pg and e. he told his staff he is quitting to study music. >> in the south bay a civil rights group is handing over a pet wrigs to the police chief calling for white to be fired. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen is live with the latest. >> demonstrators just wrapped up here at police headquarters. many wore this tee shirt, read protect your people.
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they collected a signature with 15, a petition, rather with 15,000 signatures delivering it to police just moments ago. 100 people gathered, bringing attention to what they say is a pattern of racial inequality. >> when people of color come into contact with law enforcement is there treatment? >> they're demanding the immediate firing of san jose police officer phillip white, accused of sending questionable tweets, including threaten me or my family, i'll use my law given and god appointed right to kill you. and if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies, off duty, but carrying my gun.
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>> it's threatening to the community. and damages the relationship between the community and police department. >> we're emboldened about this energy to re-examine accountability. and we think it's important to be part of that national dialogue. >> we reached out to the police department today. officer white has been placed on administrative leave as this investigation continues. >> public defenders across the bay area rallied for justice today in san francisco, dozens were outside of the hall of justice, public defenders say they're standing in solidarity and calling for racial justice and reform. one speaker was the uncle of oscar grant, killed in 2009.
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>> this system what we node is no longer about us. it's about your babies, grandbabies and those coming behind them. >> apparently in reaction to black lives matter and i can't breathe movement, someone hung a noose on a free in frank ogowa plaza. a woman describes herself as a multi media journalist. she says the man who found it asked her to public the photo. >> we're on storm watch again tonight. another wave of rain is headed from the bay area and only hours
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away. but let's to abc7 weather anchor spencer christian. >> here is what's happening now. cloudy skies across the bay area. you can see outline of the frontal system bringing us this next wave of stormy weather. pockets of light rain and showers and those pockets of lighter rain moving into the bay area. and we'll see wide spread rain across the north bay. i'll show how much rain and when we expect it to end. >> because of the weather, angel island will be closed this weekend officials discovered the waste water system is overflowing. it has been treated but they're rerouting it so it doesn't spill
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into the bay. >> and that deeply saturated soil caused trees to topple. crews say they have been busy these past view weeks tree roots cannot keep a firm hold of the ground when it so wet from the rain. that with strong winds makes for up rooted trees. >> we like the trees they create atmosphere for us. and we have been concerned about the trees. >> the tree branchs and leaves are mostly on one side. >> there is controversy in an oakland neighborhood after a portion of a mural was removed contractors say they discovered black mold and had no choice.
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painted in 2005, this shows the history of the key route system. >> people loved it. right from the start. >> it was a community effort. some donated money so loved ones portraits would appear as part of the pural. most of the year, the building sat empty. cracks were visible from the outside. and the contractor discovered a bigger problem inside >> he saw this huge portion of a wall covered in black mold. it fell away at the touch. >> the area used to be a window improperly filled in. >> it had been leaking for 25 years or something. and a thick layer of mold. >> worried about safety, the crew removed the portion of the mural. some residents are upset they were not given a say. >> just a horrible disregard for
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something that is important to the community here. >> it's shocking and horrified >> valerie is on the steering committee of the piedmont neighborhood improvement league. she feels he didn't consult experts or do enough to salvage. >> it's gone without warning. and i think that is just really unfair to the community. >> coroner says he never intended to remove the mural but the plaster was beyond repair. >> what we found left us without a choice. >> the family has removed portion of the mural. the artist hasn't said what he wants to do. >> there is more still to come, including the pill that could be a fountain of youth. >> why did this police officer have four pounds of pot in his home?
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he claims it was for his canine partner. >> a new way to blend in. 7 on your side is coming up. >> and what jim harbaugh has to say about the final year of the contract. will he stay?
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>> the secret to a longer life may have been discovered by researchers in the north bay.
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leanne? >> well, ibuprofen was made in the uk in 1961 and it was marketed as a safer alternative to aspirin. now, it appears it may keeping healthier, which then, of course extends your life. scientists found somehow, yeast treated with ibuprofen lived longer, then, they used a same experiment using worms and flies. they saw about 15% longer. brian kennedy is the senior scientist on aging. in novato. >> if you can get 15% health span, that is what we care about, that is a big difference. >> it was comparable to the way
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yeast felt. >> it slows down the ability of cells to grow by a little bit. but probably gives more stress resistance so that they can survive better. >> the study seems to show too much of anything is not good for you. >> you need them. but excess may be bad, too. >> keep in mind there are side affects including bleeding, nausea, stomach ulcers and liver damage. >> scientists want to test this on mice and people. the good thing about working with worms is that their life span is only about three weeks so scientists were able to get results quicklily. importantly, it opens the door for more exploration of antiaging medicines >> thank you very much.
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>> in san francisco a jury found a border patrol agent guilty of child pornography. saying it was unsettling a man was capable of the crime. >> a morgan hill man has been arrested for sexual assaulting two women in san jose yesterday he was taken into custody after someone reported a assault in progress. victims are 54 and 63. a police officer had four pounds of marijuana in his home will not be charged with a crime. he got the pot from a delivery service, but he took it home with his supervisor approval to help train his drug sniffing police dog the d.a.says avala, what he did
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was not appropriate but because there is no evidence he sold or used any pot, he will not be charged. >> some south bay families got a well timed holiday surprise today. hook and ladder truck escorted 33 turkeys. the food will help fill food boxes that is given to families in need. and give out 3200 food boxes this year, along with 17,000 toys. >> these are firefighters in oakland hustling to fill boxes for families in need. each filled with a turkey, potatoes and veggies and local churches took care of handing them out to families. >> santa claus came to town
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today. hopping a ride on a sea plane to kick off the performing stars holiday and toy drive. dozens came out to meet the jolly old gift giver. the actual drive takes place on tuesday december 23rd in marin county. good and wise to use it now. rudolph needs rest. >> did that sea plane -- >> we have breaks today. so >> that red nose wasn't needed today it will be raining. pay attention, we've got rain on the way. cloudy and rain arriving late tonight. with the storm approaching us we've got rough surf developing in effect for coastal north bay.
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and 3:00 into afternoon. and right now, temperatures mid to upper 50s, 55 across the bay in oakland. 60s in hayward. and cooler in the north bay valley. check out this beautiful view while we can see it, these forecast features, rain >> riefing, chance of rain late sunday in the north bay. winter beginning sunday at 3:03. so we'll have a rainy day. there is risk of urban flooding and low lying areas and roadways could have ponding pooling.
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and slight risk of mud and rock slides. only a low risk of river flooding and an inch of rain beginning at 7:00 this evening, notice steady rain associated with the frontal system arriving around 5:00 in the morning. so later in the day, a slow mover and rain spreading to other parts of the bay area. and later in the afternoon looks like a wet, slow start as well. so by 11:00, rainfall could be
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as high as one inch. and in the sierra, it's going to be 3 to 6 inches of new snow. travel delays are likely. back to the bay area, low temperatures into the low 50s, then, tomorrow a wet, soggy day. slow commutes in the morning and evening. and here is the accu-weather forecast. rain may fall saturday in the north bay. and next week, milder and drier weather leading up to cooler >> thank you.bay, christmas day. >> you can follow what's happening on live doppler hd with abc7 news weather appp and
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down load it. >> new damage from august earthquake in napa. >> some are finding that it just
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homes most affected by the powerful earthquake may continue to suffer more damage after repairs are made. >> is a warning it continues to
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move. and they are looking at the repairs, too. >> if you know the new foundation needs to be able to accommodate you may make it thicker. >> the falls shifted about ten inches, moving up to four inches since then, could move another six over the next three years or so. >> bay area wants to host 2024 summer olympics and today, more details about the quest for the gold. another idea for this harkens to bay area sporting past revitalizing the cow palace as a
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boxing arena. >> it's tremendous legacy opportunities with housing and the stadium could be repurposed. >> in addition to pitch from the bay area, panel members heard pitches from boston, washington, d.c. and los angeles during meetings in redwood city. choosing between cities next month. >> still ahead, boston bombing suspect stirs up emotions as he makes his first court appearance in more than a year. >> down come bill boards for the movie that has been cancelled. >> from michael finney,
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there was drama inside and outside of the courtroom, the boston marathon bombing suspect made a final court appearance before the trial in january. he was shackled and he and his brother, killed in the pursuit are accused of planting pressure cooker bombs that killed three people and wounded 260 others during the boston marathon. a victim that lost a leg waved his leg at a demonstrator claiming his innocence. >> i just want them to look at the evidence and make decisions and choices. >> during the hearing one of his supporters accused government agents of framing the 21-year-old. she was ejected from the courtroom. >> nobody saw any evidence soviet. all they show the public is walking people in backpacks which doesn't look had any heavy things such as pressure cookers
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>> the death penalty trial begins january 5th. up to 100 witnesses are expected to testify. >> the white house says tonight it's standing behind heartists that want to express their views, referring to the sony pictures film "the interview" which sony decided not to release because of threats from hackers. as abc7 news explains it's triggered a big debate on freedom of expression. >> what began as a comedy has become a comedy of errors and no one is laughing. not theater owners nor intelligencea. >> what should they have done? >> nothing. >> dan owned theaters for half a
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century. neither can remember a studio pulling a film due to threats from hackers in cyber space. >> the fictional plot resolves around television hosts getting an interview with kim jung-un. then, the cia gets involved. >> i yoerny is that without anyone having seen it, you can thank the north korea government for describing the film as an act of war and threatening movie patrons. theater owners are not happy with the release during this busiest season of the year. >> it's a low-budget picture. now, a larger question, has sony set a precedent? . >> i think it is.
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in the height of the cold war, we weren't worried about it. >> but that was then when fingers on triggers carried as much weight as those with key boards. >> terrible thing is that when we react to it. >> who wins here? >> we all lose >> and maybe not only at the box office. >> tonight's money matters santa rally arrived on wall street. dow shot up 400 points today to close at 17778. and those losses have been blamed on crude oil prices which continue to plunge. foufr, chevron went up. nasdaq gained 100 points.
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and ora cell went up 10% >> it's the season for people to steal your packages >> we've been calling them porch pirates. >> yes. michael finney is here with the late latest you've seen the video of packages being ripped off. we've all seen it, meaning we're on the alert and bad guys are coming up with ways to work tis old rip off. >> it's a nice day in san francisco mid day, quiet a letter carrier drops off a package. this is recorded by a surveillance camera on a haem
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home. andrew says the package was never found. >> he said i think there was a package delivered but i don't see it. so he told me, can we check the camera? >> the roommate was right. it had been delivered. >> took a half hour. and we saw someone walking up the stairs, down, and said got it. >> the video does not show the package being picked up. and it sure appears the person is walking away with more items here, you look. it shows a pair working together. the one on the far side crosses over, meeting up with the one on andrew's side of the street them carry what could be pamphlets or paper work. >> it's possible because of the papers maybe when someone answers, they're ready to have
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an excuse to why it's there. and it along the lines of we're just here to hand out a pamphlet. don't mind us. we're just walking around. so something like that. >> i haven't heard of anyone using pamphlets to look at packages on the front porch so this is something new that we're seeing. >> and that is why you're seeing it, too. just because a person is carrying a pamphlet, that does not make them legit. >> give us a call, let us know. >> he says his story sparks a debate. >> what do we do? street justice? do we post flyers?
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and what do we do? >> another area where they aren't such easy pickings so to see reports go to abc7 and you can give me consumer complaints as well. >> thank you. >> and coming up a major advance for medical technology. >> a company uses 3 d
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♪ it's the time of year for making lists... at chevrolet, we've made it onto a few lists ourselves.
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in fact this year, we've been at the top of more awards lists than any other car company. now during the chevy year end event, put us on yours. choose an impala in stock the longest and get cash back for 20 percent of the msrp. that's over sixty-five hundred dollars on this impala lt. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. a bay area company is changing lives of amputees. >> that is right. walking with prosthetics is painful if they don't fit just right. >> roger was an athlete since he was little >> i was 15 when diagnosed with bone cancer. >> he made a tough decision to amputate his right leg.
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>> maybe i won't be as good of a football player but i'd be out there, able to run. >> flexible blades and joints have advanced by leaps and bounds, but mold is from a plaster cast that doesn't bend. off the track he found live is an endurance sport. >> there is a party, i'm going to stay home so i can have energy to walk around and get there. >> but this changed that. >> it is called infinite socket. >> they can take these off and put new shapes on. >> and ajustable. any time. >> we've had patients that couldn't walk more than a block. and we have those now walking
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miles per day. and comfortable over 24 hours. >> there are sockets here in the basement. already, getting attention on an international scale. to those who try it, it's practically selling itself. >> they say wow. it's got spring to it >> like to hear silence, someone come in, put this on, go away, and never come back. and that wasn't the case for rajit. he went to work for the company. >> if you're empowered to be in charge and your leg is not dictating your life, you're dictating your life, that is the best life you can live. >> there is a lot of excitement over the prospect of trading cuban cigars for california
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caltrans says they will offer free service to encourage you to rely on the train, not your car if you plan to party that night. they will separate on a wing reg schedule but have four extra departures after midnight. there is no alcohol allowed on board. >> well because of the president's initiative to restore relations with cuba, there is excitement in the central valley. farmers have been hoping to do business with cuba for a long time, this photo shows the then state senator among those offering freem year fiddle castro a gift.
7:48 pm
a box of dried fruit. now there is hope it can be a place to sell their stuff. >> i think it could be. >> giving growers another world market. >> so you add a list of 34 countries, now there is more. >> and now, there are cigars. moses sosa owns a shop and says his customers want them and he hopes to be able to tell them soon. >> that would be a nice treat. >> it does allow americans who
7:49 pm
visit to bring back $100 worth of cigars this cigar lover predicts a boom in travel. >> i think you're going to see more cuban tourism from the united states. >> fiddle castro is said to have stopped smoking due to health reasons but someone noticed he hadn't wasted time eating good dried fruit from california. >> let's talk about the next storm. >> cloudy skies arriving here just in time for morning rush. you can see every location is
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ahead of the average level of 227% of norm. 266% at moffett field snow pack still lagging but is improving. and a year ago only 27%. and down to the central part of the state, reaching into the area. the forecast perhaps rain, saturday, between north bay. and dry and mild next week. >> everybody wants answers from jim harbaugh.
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good evening, with reports that jim harbaugh has been offered a head coaching job, he said what he always said, that is he only talks about the job he has. harbaugh met the local media today, here. and focus is on the offer for his alma mater the contract still has another season remaining. >> i said this is focusing the same as players focus same as coach's focus on the practice field. and focus in meetings.
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and by me. >> we're focused and trying to make it interesting, the answer. >> everybody is focused. frank gore a limited participant after suffering a consuggestion, gore is on pace to play but has to pass the test. and raiders host bills in what could turn out to be the final home game in oakland. think about that. this is a franchise with many questions to answer, among them, who is going to be the head
7:56 pm
coach? he does have a fan, though. >> it's my leader and i love him, 100%. you know? he cares about me you know? just asking how am i doing? and so we're playing hard for him but you know i have no say on that stuff. >> warrior was out andrew boget indefinitely. they're not serious contenders. and the warriors did confirm that he has undergone prp treatment on the knee. meaning more playing time. >> this team has been about the
7:57 pm
guys. this is the attempt to show that. and this is to bring forth effort. >> mavs acquired rajan ronnedo. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. focus. >> yes. yes. >> harbaugh expected to go stay in pro rink. >> if he can get a way to get to the raiders and get paid i think stay in the bay area.
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that is a good deal. a >> all right. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00? which are the busiest? >> and a child porn scandal in a local police department. >> we have the taste at 8:00 and and how to get away with murder at 10:00. >> and go to watch abc >> that is this edition of abc7 news we appreciate your time. >> from the
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